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Rated: PG


cdCD: No More? Yes, there's only 3 pages. XD

Due to the seriousness of the "Spoiler" to 2Masters, this whole thing starting from page 4 is a locked special about Jeremy throwing a big fit over CD making his father an official character. (CD's secret file drawer)

If you want to see it, check in with Informant CD, she will give it to you at $1 dollar (paypal) for an ipad version pdf on that locked file.

If it's no deal, no harms done, let's go on our separate path.You just have to wait 20 years until I get to that part of the story. ;D

Am I evil or what? Well, this is just the best way to show my spoiler story without actually showing it! ha ha ha. I don't like waiting 20 years either. (might as well!)


CD informant

CD: Wanna see Secret file
"No Need 4 Dad?"

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Exception: If you are a seasonal helper on my anime project you can just get it for free. (email me)


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