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CD You just can't stop finding new ways to torture us while humoring yourself?

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CD diary (left to right) Updated irragularly, whenever CD feels like sharing her messed up life events. Grammarly incorrect, do it just for fun records.
aph (Koma style) CD's take on World News Hetalia style


A shock in the city

(left to right) 2001, An reaction manga done due to the shocking event of 911, not all the facts and settings are exactly accurate, but it portrayed the feelings many felt back then including mine.
Elisa's Diary ( left to Right) 2001, A girl's fantasy about her date and prom ended up in a fight in disaster.
Nightmare (left to right) 2001-2003CD went crazy and started switching everyone's body in
their dreams, behold, the character's switching body/ sex change nightmares.
Nightmare babysit (left to Right) 2002, A comic of my
characters histories and inner beings. XD It's purely for fun, you may get lost trying to read it. lol~ (you arewarned)
Thanksgiving Foodfight (left to right) 2002,Thanksgiving Food fight - A celebration of fun during thanksgiving
Whos Da Man (left to right) 2003, Who's Da Man Project - A comic drawn for a character trade with a dear friend of mine, my character Randy plays the cruel trainer to a lay-back cook.
Whats with the donuts ( left to right) 2003, What's with the donuts - originally a contest entry for Tokyopop. It was not selected, however it's a piece of work that I can look at with a smile, so it's here for everyone to enjoy.
Hola Prince Charming (Right To Left) 2004, Hola Prince Charming- All the women in my studio decided to take on Jeremy. A crazy chase begins.
Jeremy Rebels (left To Right) 2004, Jeremy Rebels- The goody prince Jeremy goes rebel, let's see how bad he gets. Yes, he can be very bad. XDDDD
Christmas Shoe (Right to Left) 2004, Christmas Shoes - A touching true story between a boy and a man during Christmas Eve shopping. All the text are based on the lyrics by the band Newsong.
To Snow Mountain (Right to left) 2004, To Snow Mt. - A vacation event demanded by the lively CD studio members, so here we go~~~ to the Snow Mountain.
Holiday Dates (Right to left) 2004-2005, Holiday Dates - Studio characters go on dating... as simple as that. :P (warning: some language content is suited for PG 13)
Hearts Thanksgiving (Right to left) 2005, Heart's Thanksgiving. Heart Mountain plays the Thanksgiving host this year, the sacred minded Heart brought some surprises to the group.
How to be Boring (Right to left) 2005, CD is trying her hardest to bring out the most boring comic to you.
Christmas shopping (Right to left) 2005, Jeremy's tight on budget but still fight his way through to get gifts for the people he cared about, battling Evil Santa??!
Tiana's wish (Right to Left) 2005 Tiana keeps tripping over when she's on her date, and she struggles to try to please her... boyfriend?
Journey to Great Canyon (Right to Left) The journey to Las Vegas, with illustrations added.
Otakon07 (Left to Right ) The experience at Otakon 2007 unfolds with many of CD's silly moments.
animal's nightmare (Right to Left) Commissioned/request comic of a switch of body between May and Animal
(Right to Left) None wants to join the snowball fight.
pumpkin (Right to Left) CD's twisted Evil Pumpkin Battle, Boys vs Girls.
heart (Left to Right) 2011 Heart's short love story.
ubersues (Right to Left) 2011 After the Mary-sue test, Randy proposed a Uber Sue special where all power of logic is thrown out the window.
no need for dad lock(Right to Left) 2006 Jeremy throwing a big fit when CD decided to make his father a real character.
tiana wish2 (Right to Left) 2006 Tiana's change of heart, falling for someone she never thought she would.(second part is lock)
final (Right to Left) 2007 Tiana's change of heart, finally decided which guy to go with.
yuki (Right to Left) 2007 Yuki has her first date with Kolei.
gender bender Random Gender bender sketches. viewer discretion is advised. XD Content can be disturbing to some. :P
blind date (Right to Left) 2007 Kolei on a blind date with Iris.
rainbow (Left To Right) 2010 A dream of a girl comes true.
smile (Right to Left) Angel and Violet's Holiday smile capture mission
lets fly (Right to Left) An MMO adventure.
yin (Right to Left) Yin has a crash
passion (Right to Left) Mosa's passion
mermaid (Right to Left)A vacation time to Mermaid land.
funny dog (LEFT to RIGHT) He has to walk a funny dog...
clean vs mess (Right to Left) Elisa is now the Hygiene Captain and forces her will on everyone, and trouble starts to emerge.
blush operation (Right to Left) Joseph got bored of his relationship, and his tactics...
ghost (Right to Left)What happens when the other half dies suddenly...
EMA (Right to Left) Elisa's misadventure in MMO RPG.
inferno (Right to Left) Dooms day survival short, think "Devil may cry" plus "I am legend" plus Hurricane Sandy.
unknown new(Right to Left) Meet the new casts, though some are immortals.


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