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Hired as a nurse for cyborgs, Angel finds herself thrown into explosive mech battles and a cyborg family gang war.

 It’s an anime about a girl without any super powers being forced to face a family of crazy cyborgs with mechs and all sorts of weapons that want to kill each other. Not only does she need to survive, but she will also have to help bring them something they’ve been missing, peace.

Angel, our main heroine got hired by an abnormal family company made up of rich and powerful cyborgs to be their personal nurse. She quickly realizes the unusually high tension between the family members. All her boss Lien can care about is how to kill his brother Kolei, and take his father Seon's life. 

Their father Seon isn't anything normal either: His goal is to turn all his cyborg sons into ultimate weapons to conquer the world. He constantly creates incentives to get his sons to fight one another as means to improve their designs. 

Angel has a tough task to prevent Lien and Kolei from killing each other while trying to convince Seon this is all a very bad idea. 


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