My contact/paypal:


Dear potiential client:

I typically will ask for 20%-50% down payment for first time client,
to whatever I will be delivering before I do the work,
after I deliver then I will ask for the remaining agreed amount.

All clients are required to put in an advance after contract signed, and a small sample work has been provided. I will provide my own contract should the client does not have one and the job complexity requires one.

All my contract are "Freelance contractor" work for hire agreement. Meaning I finish the work on my schedule, if there's a specific date required for the work to be done, a specific contract needs to be provided and signed.


  • Notes about contacting me: I am an e-mail person.
  • I am on e-mail all the time, or most of the time.
    If I am going out of the country I will notify you ahead of time and rearrange the changes
  • I skype regularly, but i might be away at times.
    make sure you tell me your time zone.
    (I will sign on regularly if the job requires me to)
  • I don't use cell phone much, need to know when you will call

    I do not use facebook for clients, only my team mates and friends.



< Guidelines for character description- for writers>

-please use that guideline to check whether you have included everything in your script, very often I get writers who describe their characters too briefly for me to illustrate. If you are very open minded and want to let me decide, perfect! But I still need some bases.


  • What I don't do: pronographic material, animation for free or below my rates.
  • Revisions: I provide 3 free revisions per artwork, if you need more than that we might have to talk.


MY policy: (for my client's peace of mind)

Rights policy: Typically, if I make work for client, I go with work for hire contract. (e-mail agreement and this page serves as written agreement.) This applies to both my indie/non-commercial client, and commercial clients, my clients are free to use the images as they please. I will not ask for additional reward, even if you went ahead and made 1 million, 1 trillion from it, unless a contract states my royalty share, I will not cause you trouble for it. But I do ask for proper credit given, and let me use it for portfolio, so i may get more business.

Hiring: I may hire helpers if work is rushed, i will tell you about it.

Delivery date: I typically do not want to rush a commission, I will try to give you an update every week or every other week. If you need things in a hurry, rates increase.

Additional costs: If you made additional requests, changes, that cost me beyond agreeable time, I will request for more. I work only for the quality matching to the amount you pay for.




Normal delivery- my schedule.

Timed delivery- for commercial clients


Quick sketch: -10-15 USD

  • Inking a pre-made sketch: - 15-20 USD
  • Inked/toned piece: -30 USD
  • Redraw your design, and color: - 30 USD
  • 1 character, from script, simple or pre-made background: 40 USD (Each additional character is 30 USD)

Design and layout work:



A single Character turn around sheet, frontal, side, 3/4, and back view, colored, starts at 60 USD+ (rates vary based on complexity)


Background, layout, scenes: depends on purpose and complexity

Simple- starts at 60 USD (4-5 hours work)


Highest quality- to 600 USD (30 hours work)

Prefer: naturalistic scenery, old/historic buildings




Manga /comic commission:

private, indepent production delivery- no deadline, on my schedule, if I have bigger jobs it may come slower.


  • Sketch only for reference- 5 per page




  • I do take a whole book commission:
    Payments can be split into chapters or sections, we can talk about details.


  • I am not going to proof read for you, what you wrote goes on, copy and paste.
    Please make sure your script has been proof-read, and edited before you send it to me.
    (if your script has too many typos/grammars I will tell you, or simply turn down the job.)


  • I may provide webcomic hosting on my site if my client agrees to it.



2D Animation for private commissions: (from cheap to best)

private, independent production delivery- no deadline, on my schedule, but it's much cheaper than normal commercial rates, if I have bigger jobs it may come slower. I will do my best to provide a weekly update to you on the progress.

If the total cost is too high in one go, you can break it up into steps, even pay shot by shot or minute by minute if you want to, and pay only when you are ready for the next step. (note that I will not work further until more funding comes in.)

I can guide you through it once you make the decision.


Storyboarding: (see samples via link)
Indie/non-commercial: starting rate 10 USD per storyboard page based on the script, no limited time delivery.
Animatic: depends on length

2D Animation for private commissions: (from cheap to best)

Delivery time: I will work out a schedule with you if you need it, but if you have to rush me I will increase my rates, because of overnights fee plus recruitment.

Cheap: (4-12 drawings per second)

20 USD Stills - still shot, nothing moving, If customized background is required, that's another 30-60 USD depending on shot, if it's a complex background like this one, it costs 600.

80 USD - 100 USD: 1 looping animation, such as 1 character simple hair loop, (6-12 drawings) 1 stock background, cleaned/colored. (each new character on the scene is another $60)

In animation, a lot of backgrounds can be reused and repainted.
The reused background count as stock image, I won't charge any for that, we can only known for certain when storyboard is finished.


Higher quality non-looping full animation: (20-30 drawings per second)

Indepent client Rate: ( sample links are for the quality you will see, not the frame rate)

Sketch animation: 90 USD/1 second (1 second of this quality takes 1 day of drawing to sketch it at high frame rate)

ink animation: 180 USD/1 second  (another whole day to ink it)

Single Shade Colored: starting 200 USD/1 second

Shadow, highlight colored: 240 USD/1 second. (Because all shadows and lights need to be animated in a separated step) 

Add another character on the scene doing the same level of action (ex: martial art fight), cost doubles.

- Again, not all shots need high quality animation, some shots could be stills and pans, which will be around 20 USD.
Some shots could be just 1-3 drawings too. On average only a 1-2 shots could be this costly.

We will only know after the storyboard and animatic is made.

Effects and rendering: Depends on time


I can handle basic sound effects if there's a need.

but its best if I can pass it to my friend who's a sound engineer to do it. I will ask about his rate if you need it.


I typically will ask for 20%-50% down payment for first time client,
to whatever I will be delivering before I do the work,
after I deliver then I will ask for the remaining agreed amount. 



* For commercial projects, contact me for negociation in detail.





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