Title: Naruto- One of those missions

Other link: http://mayshing.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-one-of-those-missions-2839421

Comment: This thing is WAY TOO FAMOUS. Completely out of my control.
Done back in 2003, with pencil and Open Canvas2.3. (I think don't have a large version of this.)

OK, just so you know, bottom right corner has my signature, that's the original version.
If you want to use this image for advertising your site or store, JUST E-Mail me: mayshing@gmail.com
I am not stinggy, I will most likely let you use it as long as I am credited properly.
Do not use this image to make any large direct profits, that will put me,
and the person who wants cheap bucks in danger with Shonen magazine. OK?