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1. 319 eyes to record- 53 hours of work
(invested hours- 114 hours thus far)

2. TitleIndex, name index,
of 200+ artists needs to be completed -24 hours of work

And check out my other web-mangas if you are interested. :D

edepth angel




Notes of Usage:

ANY Commercial usage, printing it and selling it in conventions: NO. A BIG NO.

Personal use OK
Print it, save it, all offline personal use is fine

If you saved it and want to pass it to your friend? OK

If you put it on torrent, NO.

Put it on your own site?
Forums/personal blogs/image sharing- OK, just link back to me.

On your own site like it's yours? NO. That's stealing.

PLEASE respect my hard work on this project.


Alternative versions-

If you want to reorganize the images and post it else where, you MUST notify me first.